April 19, 2008

Kind words by Leafa Wilson, Waikato Museum Curator

I met Leafa Wilson, curator of the Waikato Museum. She loved the paintings below and others from me. In her blog she posted:
"The work at the top of this post is the work from the finalists' exhibition of the TWNContemporary Art Award 2008 - 'Autumn Reflections' The 'Planets' work is a finalist in the Wallace Art Award for 2008.
Yaniv is a finalist this year in both the Trust Waikato National Contemporary Art Award and the Wallace Art Award. It has been exceptionally exciting for me as the mother of an Aspergic child myself, to meet Yaniv and his mother Annick.
Yaniv is a gifted colourist and without training appears to have what I consider to have a gift for composition. His ability to canterlever the colours/ tones/ density of media perfectly in his works are wonderful. Yaniv is Aspergic as is my son Nehemiah. Their abilty to see what others can't makes their vision both true and untainted by the influence of others.
Leafa Wilson
Thank you for your support, Leafa!!! I am thrilled you enjoy my paintings.
In my SuDoKu period I asked myself what would happen if numbers were replaced by colours......... and then again, if squares were corrupted???
Note from Sept 2008: these two paintings were bought by a Paris art collector who intends to donate them to the Waikato Museum! Merci beaucoup!!!