September 03, 2009

Finalist in the Recognyz Youth Awards 2009

...thanks Hamilton! "The RECOGNYZ YOUTH AWARDS 09 promotes and celebrates the positive contribution young people make to the city in community service to encourage other youth to take up similar challenges. Recognyz 09 is open to participants aged 12-24 years old who lives in Hamilton and seek to further their passion. The Hamilton Youth Council and Hamilton City Council build on last years success by promoting Recognyz 2009. Awards night on 24 September at Founders Theatre, Hamilton (see picture). This year Recognyz 09 will not only celebrate the success of finalists but will also highlight the amazing talents of young people in Hamilton. The awards night was a showcase of youth talent in music, dance and entertainment". From 

I was selected for the success of my climate change first year of campaign - it is great to feel the support of local government bodies for environmental issues - more work coming!