September 12, 2009

Finalist in the 2009 Waikato Society of Arts National Youth Arts Competition

The WSA 2009 National Youth Art Award was judged and curated by Alison Ewing and Kate Darrow. It includes a wide range of art from traditional paintings to contemporary art - ranging from exciting to ethereal, delightful to dismaying, puzzling and political. The audience can expect to be surprised and provoked at the opening on Friday 18 September, RiverBank Mall, Victoria St. Hamilton. My submission:

Real:flection (150cm X 65 cm: Acrylic on canvas on corrugated iron)

Landscapes are natural environments where one can see real merged with reflection - nature has such shapes, like diamonds and squares, that look similar whichever way you look at them. My questions are ‘what is real, what is reflection; what is authentic and what is dream? What will change with climate change?

As part of my community involvement, I also fundraised for the WSA Exhibition Committee and obtained the support of New World Te Rapa for this opening.