February 02, 2017

Please Do Touch Installation progress

The Please Do Touch installation will include a set of iPads for the audience to interact with the art.

The resource that will accompany it, Changing the World - One Painting at a Time, revised for this event is accessible to all and can be downloaded in 2 different formats:
  1. A pdf file for all systems
  2. An ePub multimedia file for IOS systems, including movie clips, image galleries, gifs to illustrate some points and an interactive map. Epubs work interactively on systems that can read ePubs - for instance iPads and iPhones
I have collaborated with Apple Australasia to produce this ePub so that accessibility features are embedded in the multimedia environment. and uploaded it on  iTunes however please note that iTunes is in the process of moving this iBook to the New Zealand iTunes store - the timing of the move is not under my control - but the above links will lead to the same media.