December 28, 2014

UNESCO Taking Action project

My 2nd book Changing the World - One Painting at a Time has been nominated by the UNESCO Asia Pacific Art Educators Hub as a teacher resource. People say the book encourages disabled youth to dream on their talents and inspires staff working with disabled people to support them to follow their passion. Click here to get to the screenshot pages below:

To follow up on this UNESCO nomination, I am doing a presentation tour and speak to disabled people and their families as well as their teachers and support workers. It is by taking such actions that we can inspire a mind shift and aim higher for the achievements of marginalised people.

The people I speak to said they are inspired to take action in their communities to provide the extra-support needed. It is by helping one disabled person at a time that we will eventually see a difference!

I am committed to reach further and fundraising to be able to make a difference with more people around me.

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