December 13, 2014

Starting on the Rich, Middle Class and Poor project

Everybody's Lives, Acrylic on Canvas, 76 X 102 cm
Update! This painting was selected as a Finalist for the Wallace Arts Awards in 2015!

The rich people live in multi-coloured villages on mountain for these reasons:

They have more money
They have more food
They choose what colour house they want
They see the sea and others from their house

The middle class people live in the brown village by the sea for these reasons:

 They see nothing but the sea from the only window they have
 They have to share home with other middle class people
 They only have a light or dark brown house
 They only have a medium amount of clean water from a well.
 They only have sea food and need to go out to the sea every day

The poor people live in the silver village for these reasons:

They have no clean water
They have no window
They have no nice view
They have no electricity
They only cook on fires