August 15, 2011

Finalist in "Eat Your Art Out" Uxbridge Centre

"Eat Your Art Out features food-inspired artworks by artists from around New Zealand which celebrate the important role food plays in our society. The preparation and eating of food are significant cultural signifiers and throughout history the ritual of sharing a meal with others has symbolised a sense of community and social understanding". Sophie Keyse the exhibition's curator contributed the photo below.

My contribution (on the low plynth) is "Sweet As..." -  the outcome of ongoing experimentation with materials that were once 3-dimensional – M&M sweets – dissolving onto a 2-dimensional surface.

I investigated the capacity for theM&Ms to act as a medium and how they reacted with the fabric as they disintegrated. For now, the surface has resisted the colours in parts, leaving white areas.

Exploring how media other than paints intervenes with the surface of a canvas led to questioning the life of an artwork and the durability of pigment. The design was then transferred on Perspex – so a light could shine on how M&Ms travel through our bodies!

See all the vernissage photos on the Uxbridge Center FaceBook page
Noting here the Make / Believe exhibition curated by Stuart Shepherd at Bowen House (July - Aug 2011) and organised by Arts Access Aotearoa.