July 04, 2010

URLs for CNZ Application

PART A. URLs in the application body

Section 1. The idea

Massey University Albany Sustainability 2010 Program and Abstracts http://sustainabilityworkshop.massey.ac.nz/documents/Conference_Program_and_Abstracts.pdf
The Conference Programme includes on p. 8 my Artist Statement and Bio as adjunct to the narrative accompanying the paintings exhibited throughout the conference.

The Variety Gold Scholarship ($5000) awarded towards the costs of the commission for artwork for the New Zealand Clean Energy Centre (http://www.variety.org.nz/2010-scholarship-recipients-xidc72784.html)

Section 2. The Process

Please note that the paintings mentioned in this section are included in the Artistic Support Materials.

Exhibiting to French audiences: http://www.egart.fr/yaniv-janson: Yaniv is the first New Zealand artist to be represented by the European Association Eg-Art (Equal Access to Art) based near Paris. Yaniv's last exhibition organised by this association  (http://www.galeriecelal.com/janson_oeu_00.html) took place in the Paris Galerie Celal near the Centre Pompidou. To see articles published in the French media in reaction to the exhibition, click on "Dossier de Presse" for the French Press Kit with 11 articles on http://www.egart.fr/objet 

Evaluating the work via community arts participation 
Evidence of public interest on the topic addressed by John Hudson's TVONE SUNDAY programme aired July 17: http://tvnz.co.nz/sunday-news/july-17-autism-spectrum-4304715/video (timecode: 11.55)
Social Media reactions to the programme: http://www.facebook.com/SundayTVNZ (mid July)

Professional commentary: New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Director
"The gallery’s longstanding Autumn Show will again bring together a wide range of pieces from a variety of artists. The exhibition will feature a number of Academy artists, as well as two guests: Anneke Borren and Yaniv Janson. Borren who was made a life member of the NZ Society of Potters last week is an experienced, self-taught sculptor who strives for simplicity; conversely, Janson is a young, up-and-coming painter who focuses much of his work on social and environmental issues. Both have had their works broadly shown at national and international levels. "It is a real privilege to be presenting works from these two truly talented artists who both share their thoughts on the world, its landscape, cultural being and current state of flux with a stunning combination of 2D and 3D works,” said Justin Morgan, Academy Director." (http://events.nzherald.co.nz/2011/apr/wellington/autumn-show and http://www.thebigidea.co.nz/connect/events/2011/apr/84933-autumn-show)

Please note that additional professional reviews, invitations and 3 letters of support are provided in hard copy with the application pack.

Documentary "Yaniv Saves the World", WINTEC Moving Image, John Mandelberg
Introduction of the movie (background and family): http://www.vimeo.com/14379503

PART B. URLs for Artistic Support Materials

Photos of paintings mentioned in Section 2 (these photos have been also supplied in A4 hard copies with the application pack)
1. "Two out of two" - if the sea level rises, how will this affect the Auckland skyline? This work is on loose canvas hanging in a stand alone frame, Acrylic on Canvas, 1150 X 600 cm.

2. "Hurricane", Acrylic on Canvas, 150 X 120 cm; Highly Commended at The Great Waikato Art Show; weather extremes urban landscape (sold for $700).

3.  "Houses of Rich and Poor People", Acrylic on Canvas, 122 X 91 cm; represents the social trends and lifestyles ... (exhibited in Galerie Celal, Paris and sold for $2500 by Eg-Art Association).

4. "Yelling for Help", Acrylic on Canvas,  the unheard voices of those who are already loosing their houses as the sea levels rising - for them this is not a distant threat yet no one is listening...

5. "Yellow Autumn Reflection", Exhibited finalist Trust Waikato National Art Award (2008) sold to Janet Knighton on the opening night.

6. "RE:flections", Acrylic on Canvas on Corrugated Iron, 150 X 70 cm, Exhibited Finalist, 2009 National Youth Art Award; blurring the border between reality and reflection of reality and the denial we can be in when it comes to environmental concerns.

7. "Sea Fish Triptych", Acrylic on Canvas, 267 X 92 cm, Exhibited in the Wallace Morrinsville Gallery.

8. "Yellow (Where did the river go?)", Acrylic on Canvas, 85 X 60 cm, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Permanent Collection.

9. "Pristine... when again?", Acrylic on Canvas, 59 X 50 cm.

10. "Turbulence", Acrylic on Canvas, 120 X 70 cm, Exhibited in the Wallace Morrinsville Gallery sold for $1000.

Reviews of works by Yaniv Janson

Media clippings
RSNZ website 2010, SciBlogs, Science Media Centre, Royal Society of New Zealand http://sciblogs.co.nz/hot-topic/2010/09/09/paint-it-bleak