March 27, 2010

Collaboration with GroundWork Associates: "Climate Change NOW!" Permanent Exhibition

A melting ice cap and its unpredictable consequences... Firstly you see an ice cap and then as it gets hotter and hotter it starts melting more and more. Ice cap melting (Acrylic on canvas, 150cm X 120cm)

It is great to work together with a consulting and research group that specialises on the topics close to my heart. GroundWork Associates ( have carried out a significant body of work for different organisations, including Government. That is why it was my pleasure to collaborate with them and offer my Climate Change works to serve as a backdrop to environmental issues being discussed.

Last on an activism note, see the Sustainable Waikato group formed by a group of citizens whose mission is to ensure we get the councillors that the city and the region deserve, councillors who are not single issue focussed. We want councillors who can assess a range of issues rationally and make decisions based on sound evidence, enhancing our region's sustainability in the near and intergenerational future".