May 30, 2009

I love the sea

Ecosystems (Acrylic on canvas - 120cm X 90cm - above).

Deep blue (Acrylic on canvas - 60cm X 50cm) is sold but Blues (Acrylic on canvas - 60cm X 50cm) is still going...

This blue painting is just inside the ocean and the ocean has waves that travel to many parts of the ocean. And the ocean is warm in some places and cold in some places and deep in some places and not so deep in other places. Blue is everything - the ultimate colour... Schools of Fish (acrylic on canvas - 76cm X 76cm) is about what you see in the ocean and in pet shops. You may even have them at home and you may for some reason like/love to watch them swimming in fish tanks. Everyone knows that you only feed a little bit every now and then - otherwise they pop if they eat too much. Tempest (below): 70cm X 90cm