January 03, 2009

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Flowers can also tell the time...
Flowers can also tell the passing of time: yesterday, today and tomorrow. For each one, I love, long and hope... to see you again. Some people believe that the darker the flower, the more love there is and I think they are right. The lighter the purple is, the closer it is that you start loving someone. The darker the purple is, the more you carry on loving them up to 100% and the less you'll want to leave them because you cannot bear missing them. Yesterday I loved walking on my favorite beach in the whole world where the mountain kisses the sea and I can remember it not just tomorrow but forever - with you.
Acrylic on canvas (30" X 30" or 76cmX76cm) Submitted to "Mythography: An exploration of narrative" from the MANIFEST GALLERY , Cincinnati, Ohio. 
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