April 08, 2008

SANDZ Gallery exhibition opening

SANDZ GALLERY, Frankton Village, 6 Kent St. Hamilton, New Zealand. Join us Thursday 10 April at 5:30pm at the opening of the Y-artist's latest exhibition and share great food and wines!!

Media report

Yaniv immigrated to New Zealand in the first days of 2000 - at the "edge of the millennium". Living "on the edge" is a good analogy for Yaniv who has always had a radically different perspective to those around him.

His talent was discovered and first nurtured by his Hillcrest High School arts teacher Gillian Ingham. She found her way to the spark that enthused him to create. In Art class he was a leader in his own way, inspiring other students to complete work they might have lingered on otherwise... they did not want to be left behind! Yaniv is a trailblazer in many ways and since then, his art has... blazed. He paints avidly, as if to make up for lost time, His paintings have sold rapidly, some to international visitors in Hamilton.

Yaniv hopes to develop his career as an artist and likes to experiment with different geometric and abstract ideas. He joined the Waikato Society of Arts and is looking forward to exhibiting with other artists.

One of his paintings for instance is called "Su Do Ko March 29" because he was inspired to create it from picking up the quiz printed by the newspapers delivered at his door step on that day whilst holidaying at the Duxton Hotel in Auckland. What would happen if numbers were matched with colours, he asked himself.

Another set of canvasses are called "Opposites but not quite" as they play on each other's complementary shape. Yaniv also explores sets of similar elements in "Don't go breaking my heart" (asking if hearts can be mended on the canvas medium) and "Dancing with the stars" (where stellar elements evolve on the dance floor and earth and sky blend in the rhythm).

The exhibition is called Y-artism - because a new movement inspired by Autism may be shaping up! This is his second exhibition in 2008, following a very successful first one last month at the Momento Cafe Gallery (University of Waikato Campus). After the SANDZ Gallery exhibition this month, he has a silent auction and exhibition in La Commune confirmed and offers to exhibit in a number of local art events.